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You can breathe, because we deliver fresh air!

Clean air is important for people to feel good indoors. Good air is an important factor for your health and wellness. Faultlessly functioning ventilation for living spaces do not just ensure a healthy room climate where people enjoy to stay. Because of technical developments and justified energy saving considerations,modern house walls and windows are constructed more and more airtight. The resulting reduction of fresh air ventilation between the interior and the exterior can easily cause damage to the building materials, like mould or dampness, which could be prevented with a systematic ventilation of rooms. The most common kind of ventilation – opening the window – is the simplest form of fresh air ventilation, but does not comply with state-of-the-art technology and besides: we are often unable to cope with ensuring correct ventilation.

Heat recovery protects household and the environment

The term heat recovery (WRG for short) stands for different methods for the utilization of the thermal energy. This waste heat is not only produced as exhaust air in air conditioning systems and refrigerators. On a large scale, heat recovery also works from exhaust air in various industrial processes. For builders and homeowners who are planning to build a new building or renovate an old building, a ventilation system with a heat recovery system is recommended. The high efficiency of more than 90% brings considerable savings. At the same time, the reduction of energy costs is the top goal of every measure for heat recovery. However, the lower use of primary energy also meets ecological requirements, such as the reduction of CO2 emissions. In addition to energy saving, the protection of the living space, the ventilation without external noise, protected rooms for pollen allergists as well as harmless and comfortable room air conditions are the advantages of a living room ventilation unit.