Energy-efficient building

Support of the plus energy concept through comfort ventilation. In the Freiburg model region, a climate-neutral building project with great appeal is being created: Together with the award-winning architect Rolf Disch, Solarsiedlung GmbH is building four plus-energy climate houses in Schallstadt. The building concept stands for consistent climate protection and sustainability with the highest level of living comfort. Meltem's comfort ventilation makes a significant contribution to minimal energy consumption and a healthy indoor climate.

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Nursing homes and retirement homes

Good climate by MELTEM 2-ROOM SOLUTION

With the unique 2-ROOM SOLUTION from Meltem, you can easily ventilate two rooms with one unit. For example installed at the retirement home „Haus Klara“ in Germany-Regensburg. A comfortable central remote of all ventilation devices over a RS 485-Network. There are 110 M-WRG-devices installed, including temperature, humidity and CO² sensor technology. Just one device for each room.

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Silence and good air in hotel rooms

The supplementary installation of  noise protection windows, required a ventilation solution for the meeting and exhibition hotel Amadeus in Germany Hannover. Advantages: prevention of complex planning and installation works. 76 installed Meltem devices, running since 2009.

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Detached houses / Semi-detached houses / Terrace houses

Energy saving  3-Liter-end-terrace house with a high living comfort

Energetic restoration of a end-terrace house in Germany Anspach. 10 cm insulation, 3 times vitrification, 5 M-WRG-ventilation devices with heatrecovery lower heating costs and provide also a higher ambient air quality. Runnig since 2004.

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Apartment buildings / housing areas

First 5 storeyed 3-liter house in Hessen Germany
Constructional and energetic restoration of an apartment building in Dillenburg Germany. thermal heat requirement: 30 kWh/m²a, innovative modernisation, use of 18 Meltem comfort devices, 3 devices per dwelling unit, running since 2005.

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Ventialtion with noise protection in Nürnberg Germany
New construction of an apartment building with 17 dwelling units, upper grade of technical standard, 25 M-WRG-devices installed, comfortable ventilation without noise from outside. Running since end of 2005.

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Ventilation with single room devices without impairment of the storefront
New construction of a housing are with 41 dwelling units  in Ingolstadt Germany, exalted outfit, 220  M-WRG-devices provide a healthy living climate, installed with the window reveal solution. 

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Noise protection and high living quality by decentralised ventilation devices
Noise protection restoration of housing are  with 214 dwelling units in Leipzig-Neuschladitz Germany, exalted outfit, 247 M-WRG-devices provide quiet and a good living climate. Running since 2008/2009.

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KfW-40-Standard with decentralised ventilation
New construction of a housing area in Schenefeld near Hamburg Germany, freehold flats, installation of M-WRG-comfort-devices, altogether 158 installed devices. Running since autumn 2010.

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Not possible without ventilation
Apartment building with 36 dwelling units. 

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Modern School after complete restoration

Energetic restoration of the elementary school in Markt Indersdorf Germany, 184 M-WRG-devices .

For one class room, 4 M-WRG network devices incl. temperature, humidity and CO² sensor technology were installed. Remote over Touchscreen-PC and RS 485 Netzwork, subject to inner air qualityt. Remote maintenance is possible. Running since October 2011. 

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Schoool with innovativ energy and ventilation concept
Energetic restoration of the school in Waldburg Germany, 98 M-WRG devices were installed, remoted by our RS-485 network solution. Running since 2007.

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Ventilation concept for day-care centre in Wörth Germany
Kids love to play outside, but if the weather is not good, they have to stay inside. That´s why Meltem devices were planed from the beginning of the new construction, to provide fresh air also inside for our children.

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Common rooms for learning and to feel good
Restoratin of the hall in Wuppertal Germany, reduction of the annual  energy requirement to 124,8 kWh/m²a, 81 M-WRG-devices provide a good indoor climate, the devices were mounted with window reveal solution. Running since 2008

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Hospitals / surgeries

Hospital eliminates bad air and humidity problems
The baby and children station of the hospital in Weiden Germany has 30 beds and 25 m² big sick rooms. Bad air and the humidity could not be removed by the standard toilete ventilation.In 2003, 16 M-WRG-network devices were install to protect against humidity and to provide fresh air.

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Office buildings

Energy saving office building made of wood with a innovative concept
New construction of customer centre made of wood in Parsberg Germany, KfW 40-energy standard,  15 M-WRG-devices were installed. Running since 2013.

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Project overview

General reference and project overview
For over 40 years we have been realising ventilation projects with our customers and partners. Take a look at our reference list and convince yourself of our broad experiences.

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