Unit installation

Wall mounted or concealed

Installation of Meltem M-WRG ventilation devices is easy, thanks to the standardized equipment. Wall-mounted as well as a flush-mounting is possible. 


To simplify the flush mounting, flush-mount installation kit is available. It consists of a wall box (Isoblock), which is built directly into the outside wall. In this wall box, the M-WRG device has just to be inserted and electrically connected with completion of interior work. The surface mounting enables easy retrofitting, without masonry work and it is therefore particularly suitable for renovation.


2 room solution

With the unique 2-room solution from Meltem, you can easily ventilate two rooms with one unit. Use the full potential of the M-WRG units to supply the rooms with fresh air. You save twice as much: by lower acquisition costs as well as by lower energy costs. 

U² Unbeatable invisible

With this installation variant, the M-WRG ventilation unit is practically no longer visible. Exhaust air intake and air intake in the room can be flexibly adapted to the requirements 

– High degree of freedom in design!

  • overpaintabillity of the cover U2
  • Installation position of Ventilation unit independent of air inlet and air outlet
  • Ventilation device can also be placed behind curtain or heavy curtain
  • external remote required