INTELLIGENT Ventilation Saves Energy

Saving energy is a necessity and many people invest large amounts of money into expensive insulations and sealing air leaks. The homes get so tightly sealed that they don’t allow in enough fresh air for a healthy environment. However, in order to avoid moisture and mold damages and keep a healthy indoor climate, regular ventilation is essential. This makes mechanical home ventilation with heat recovery inevitable. To ventilate the home by simply opening the windows is with respect to energy aspects completely insufficient – up to 50% of the heat energy is lost when opening the windows. What is the point in having an expensive home insulation when all the saved energy literally goes out of the window again? This is simply throwing your money out of the window. Choosing a controlled home ventilation system with heat recovery by Meltem will let you regain most of the otherwise lost energy, while using only a minimum amount of power. For every kilowatt hour of power used, an M-WRG system will recover 22 kilowatt hours of thermal energy from the exhaust air!