Controlled home ventilation


You can breathe, because we deliver fresh air!

Clean air is important for people to feel good indoors. Good air is an important factor for your health and wellness. Faultlessly functioning ventilation for living spaces do not just ensure a healthy room climate
where people enjoy to stay. Because of technical developments and justified energy saving considerations,modern house walls and windows are constructed more and more airtight. The resulting reduction of fresh air ventilation between the interior and the exterior can easily cause damage to the building materials, like mould or dampness, which could be prevented with a systematic ventilation of
rooms. The most common kind of ventilation – opening the window – is the simplest form of fresh air ventilation, but does not comply with state-of-the-art technology and besides: we are often unable to cope with ensuring correct ventilation.

  • Our strength lies in providing system solutions for all types of applications.
  • Meltem stands out with its substantial, top-quality ventilation and fire protection concepts
  • With well-founded know-how, Meltem focuses on the development, manufacturing and distribution of ventilation systems for individual rooms.
  • Our customers benefit from our many years of experience, proven in the area of living space ventilation.