Healthier living - also for allergic persons


Clean and fresh air improves your quality of life and increases your comfort and well being in your home. High CO2 concentration can lead to fatigue, headaches, lack of concentration and performance. Particles emitted by cleaning agents, building materials, carpets, furniture, etc., pollute the air further. Therefore, a good ventilation system is a must for a healthier home and indoor environment.


Many people suffer from allergies, caused by dust mites or pollen. With our ventilation system you will be able to breathe clean and allergen free air, due to the high quality of our powerful filters.


The G4 standard filter already retains the majority of pollen and dust out of the air. In areas with a higher density of pollution, the F7 allergy filter is the ideal solution. The F7 allergy filter provides home owner with the highest standard of clean and allergen free air, as well as preventing most bacteria from entering the house through the ventilation system. In order to prevent odors and emissions from polluting the indoor air, the Activated Carbon Filter provides the ideal solution. By choosing a Meltem home ventilation system with heat recovery, you will be able to create a healthier indoor environment and add a higher quality of life to your home. Turn your home into your private health and wellness resort.