Wall cover

Depending on the architectural requirements and taste, Meltem offers a variety of different facade finishes. Whether subtle pods and pipes or the almost invisible window reveal solution - you will find the right one for you here. Our ventilation experts will also be happy to advise you without obligation

Stainless steel pod

High-quality stainless steel meets modern design. Thanks to the large selection of coatings and varnishes, the stainless steel pods adapt to any house wall.

M-WRG-II ES: Facade end stainless steel pod, material: stainless steel 1.4301
M-WRG-II ES-P: like M-WRG-II ES, but color: white powder-coated (similar to RAL 9016)
M-WRG-II ES-PK: like M-WRG-II ES, but color: colorless matt powder-coated (R533-0092)



Plastic pipe

Discreet and inexpensive - our plastic pipe for the M-WRG-II and M-WRG series. The selectable colors and small dimensions result in an extremely inconspicuous facade finish.

M-WRG-II KSR 1: Facade termination plastic pipe set (2 pieces), material: ASA, color: white, similar to RAL 9016, note: multiple termination sets can only be installed on top of one another with a condensate connection, the ventilation devices or the use of Devices with, Enthalpy-WÜT (only series M-WRG-II) permitted!

M-WRG-II KSR 2: As M-WRG-II KSR-1, but color: gray, similar to RAL 7012