Unit installation variations series M-WRG-II

There are several variants available for installing the ventilation units: surface mounting for subsequent installation or renovation, flush mounting and almost invisible wall-integrated mounting (U²) for new buildings and renovations. In principle, duct connections can be implemented for all installation variants.


With this installation variant, the ventilation units disappear completely into the wall, only a shapely cover remains visible. For the exhaust air and supply air area, a duct connection is really ideal in order to suck in the exhaust air from the neighboring room (e.g. bathroom, toilet) and allow the supply air to flow freely and flexibly into the room (e.g. living room). There is a high degree of freedom in terms of ventilation and aesthetic design!



concealed installation

Flush mounting already allows a large part of the ventilation unit to disappear into the wall. Only the device cover (approx. 60 mm structure) is visible in front of the wall. This variant is an economical alternative to installing a U² integrated into the wall, especially when it comes to a duct connection.


Multi-room solution

A duct connection to the ventilation device allows several rooms (supply and exhaust air rooms) to be ventilated and vented at the same time. This will include Secondary air for exhaust air rooms and thus the air is used twice. This not only lowers the energy costs, but also the investment costs, compared to when each room had to be individually equipped with a ventilation device.



Surface installation

Für den nachträglichen Einbau bzw. Sanierung eignet sich die Aufputzvariante. Mit geringem Aufwand (2 Kernbohrungen a` 120 mm und 230 V-Anschluss) lässt sich das Lüftungsgerät im nachhinein installieren und sorgt für gute Be- und Entlüftung mit hoher Wärmerückgewinnung.



Individual design variants

Conspicuously inconspicuous - our design variants for the M-WRG-II device cover and the U² cover. Choose from existing design colors or have our partner produce your own personal motif.



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