INNOVATION is the Heart of our Company



Innovation means progress. Visionaries look into the future to successfully master new challenges. The value of our products to our customers and saving energy are our main priorities. We only use the most advanced electronics and components in our products to reach optimum levels of energy efficiency and performance. Our unique innovative technology can be seen in our company's numerous patents. 

With a combination of innovative technology and high-end craftsmanship, Meltem's products meet the highest quality levels and technical standards. We uphold the highest standards to ensure reliability, longevity and energy efficiency in all of our products. All our products are tested, certified (TÜV) and approved by the German Institute for Civil Engineering (DIBT). Our innovative thinking is not only present in our technology, but also in the design of our products. The covers of our ventilation products can be ordered in different designs, making them a unique accessory for your home and lifestyle.


We take “Made in  

Germany” serious:

as a commitment  to quality.