prevents moisture and mold damages

Our homes become increasingly more airproof, due to heat insulations of the exterior walls and insulating glazing. The requirements of air proof houses are necessary to conserve energy, however a sufficient airflow throughout the house is no longer existent, and therefore the house can no longer “breathe”. The exchange of interior air which contains humidity, pollutants, odors and CO2 is no longer possible. This may cause mold growth, health risks and increased occurrences of allergic reactions.

An automatic controlled ventilation system is the only reliable solution. Therefore the new German building codes demand ventilation systems, which operate without the need of user interaction, to ensure proper ventilation even if the occupant is absent.


With Meltem decentralized ventilation systems you will be on the safe side. The system ensures fully automated and reliable ventilation of your rooms, while saving you money at the same time, due to low operating and heating costs. Tilted windows are from now on in the past: noise, dust, pollen, and insects will no longer enter your home.

The M-WRG units will operate most efficiently and save the most energy when automatically regulating humidity and air quality (CO2) as needed. As an option the ventilation units or the control terminal can be equipped with humidity and air quality (CO2) sensors. Based on the measurements of the sensors, and the user’s settings the integrated microprocessor calculates the best air volume rate and duration. Therefore the units will run only as actually needed.