Setup/Getting started

What is a user name?

The user name is a unique identification of the user since no personal data is stored. The user name cannot be changed. It is the user who creates the user name.

Why do I need to enter an email address?

Your email address is needed to confirm the account you have created. You will not be sent any marketing emails.

What conditions must my password fulfill?

It must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least 1 upper case letter \ 1 lower case letter \ 1 digit \ 1 special character.

Why will I be sent an email after registering?

This email is used to check (confirm) that it was you who registered.

Why do I need a gateway?

The gateway is the interface between your M-WRG-II/M-WRG units and the Internet.

Why do I need to switch my units off before connecting to the gateway?

Switching the ventilation unit OFF and ON again activates connection mode. A unit cannot log into the gateway unless you do this.

What names and how many characters can I use for the gateway?

The gateway should have a unique name. It may be up to 50 characters long.

Why does the app require camera access?

In order to record the QR codes for setting up the gateway and the units. If you want to block camera access, you can enter the data manually.

Where will I find the QR codes?

Gateway: The QR code is on the back of the gateway.

M-WRG-II: When you remove the unit cover, you will find the QR code on the intermediate plate beneath the mains switch (0/1).

M-WRG: When you remove the unit cover, you will find the QR code on the intermediate plate at the bottom right.

Which mobile operating systems are compatible with the app?

Android (4.1 or later (API16)) and iOS (Apple) (9.0).

Which M-WRG-II / M-WRG unit versions does the app support?

How many ventilation units can I register with a gateway?

What do I need in order to use the app?

Ventilation units from the M-WRG-II/M-WRG series constructed from 2020 onwards, a mobile device (Android or iOS), a gateway and an Internet connection