Meltem comfort ventilation:

Design valves as an elegant ventilation closure

When integrating ventilation systems, architectural and design concerns are becoming increasingly important. Meltem has been developing visually appealing solutions for years. Disc valves are now new as design variants.

Customers can choose between various modern colors for the high-quality glass front panel. There is also a round and a square version in each color. The poppet valves are used when ventilation devices are connected to a duct. They can be used flexibly for supply and exhaust air and equally on the ceiling and wall. The assembly is very easy: The metal springs on the design valve are fixed in the ventilation pipe by expanding.

The explanations underline Meltem's claim to establish modern solutions for home ventilation. For example, there is already an almost invisible installation variant as well as individually configurable design covers for the comfort ventilation units.

The design valves at the end of the ventilation ducts are elegant and of high quality