Error messages

What does “Filter message” mean?

It means you will need to replace the air filters in the displayed units. Don’t forget to reset the filter message once you have replaced the air filter (see point "How do i reset the filter change interval?").

How do I order air filters?

The “Order filter” link will take you directly to our online shop.
LINK M-WRG-II UND M-WRG"Ersatzfilter

How do I order air filters if I am not in Germany?

The "Order filter" link will take you directly to our online shop, there you can order air filters directly in your country.

How do I reset the filter change interval?

sM-WRG-II series: Press button I (top button on the membrane touch pad) for 5 seconds. The unit beeps 3x.
M-WRG series: Switch the 3-step switch to position I. Then switch slowly as follows: I-II-III-II-I. The unit beeps. While the unit is beeping, repeat the sequence: I-II-III-II-I. The unit beeps 3x.
Follow the instructions in the operating manual, which you can download from:

What does “Unit fault” mean?

The ventilation unit displays a message to tell you that a fault has occurred. Switch the unit OFF, wait 5 seconds, then switch it ON again. Please contact Meltem Service if the fault message has not disappeared. To do this, please use our contact form at:
With your consent, we can then analyse the unit and rectify the fault, if appropriate

What does it mean if units are “Offline”?

The units are either switched off or the power supply or wireless connection to the gateway has been lost. Check your power supply and the Internet connection.

What does the “Offline” message mean?

There is no power or there is no Internet or wireless connection

My gateway is not found. What can I do?

Your mobile device and the gateway must be on the same network.

If they are not, the ventilation unit will not be able to connect to the gateway.

You have exceeded the range of the wireless signal or the QR code cannot be read. Try to connect the ventilation unit manually using the 6-digit code shown beneath the QR code.

Is your ventilation unit not responding to commands?

Check the error message in the app or switch the ventilation units off and on again. Unplug the gateway for around 10 seconds (micro-USB and LAN connection), then plug in again.
If the error persists, please use the “Service” Link contact Meltem Service.