Can my account be used for multiple M-WRG and M-WRG-II ventilation units?

Any number of gateways can be registered to an account. Up to 15 units may be logged into a gateway.

Can I delete my account?

Only Meltem can delete your account

When I change my mobile device, can I continue to use my account?

Yes, simply login with your user data.

Can I use multiple accounts on a single mobile device?

You can use as many accounts as you wish, but you will have to log in and out to use them.

Can I use my account on multiple mobile devices at the same time?


How much does it cost to use the app?

It costs nothing to use the app (apart from the charges for your Internet connection + mobile data usage). You simply need to purchase the gateway.

Can my account be blocked if I lose my mobile device?

You will need to notify Meltem in writing that you would like the account to be deleted.

How do I change my user data?

Use the “Account info” button to change your email address and password