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Anyone who wants to invest in his house in the future, thinks about heat recovery. A suitably equipped comfort ventilation is usually paid quite quickly. The individual room ventilation provides a wide range of possibilities: this room ventilation is comfortable and reduces the noise. The contaminated air in the interior is quickly transported away; An environment is created which can score for allergy sufferers with markedly reduced stress levels. The standard for low-energy houses is also made quite self-evident. The Meltem systems are therefore not only a good choice for fresh air fans. Even environmentally and energy-conscious house owners rely on ventilation with heat recovery from Meltem. They also protect their property from damage due to modern technology. An investment in comfort ventilation with heat recovery is definitely worthwhile. The individual room ventilation ensures comfort, noise reduction, transport of contaminated air, as well as for an allergy-friendly environment, and also achieves the standard for low-energy houses. This makes the M-WRG system the smart choice for fresh air fans and energy and environmentally-conscious homeowners.

VARIO II Ventilation for bathrooms and toilets

Good air is important to allow people to feel comfortable in enclosed spaces, regardless of whether it is a house, an apartment or an office. It is an essential prerequisite for health and wellbeing. In this case, you are assisted by a comfortably working living room ventilation by providing optimum ventilation and therefore a healthy indoor climate. In addition to an increased feel-good factor of the inhabitants, the ventilation systems of Meltem et al. Through a demand-driven dampening control also to the maintenance of the property. With 40 years of experience in ventilation technology, we are able to provide you with high-quality, innovative and powerful air-conditioning units for almost every application, thus providing comfortable and systematic ventilation. At Meltem, the focus is always on the highest possible efficiency while at the same time low energy costs. In contrast to conventional ventilation via windows, ventilated heating losses can be largely avoided with a controlled ventilation system, thereby saving valuable energy.